After almost 2 months of communication about the gang of the french caribbean, we are only few hours away from the first & unique screening in London.

As we mentioned to you before, this event is about sharing our culture and identify to our community in the UK and other communities who are interested in our history. This movie is very inspirational to us living in the UK because it helps to reflect on the impact immigration has had on us.

In 2014, the GWOKA has been recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is in this spirit that we ZILOKA continue to ensure our culture, danse, music, songs are heard in the UK regardless of our background. Today we would like to share with you another part of our history, the first french movie relating to the BUMIDOM.

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2 associations ZILOKA and London Squad are taking a huge bet in offering the screening of a french movie in VO and subtitled in English where the producer, director and main actors are black. To continue within the unity spirit, we invited a Guadeloupean entrepreneur, Carole Simb of Creperie Guadeloupe to cater the event. For the music, Get Mad Entertainment owned by Guadeloupean DJ Shakit, was selected.

For the Q&A, we will have Sebastien ONOMO (Producer), Jean Claude BARNY (Director), Vincent VERMIGNON (Actor).

Tickets are available  on eventbrite:

If you are still not sure that you want to come, please see their view about the movie.

Jocelyn BEROARD of KASSAV’ (French Audio with subtitles by Pascal ARCHIMEDE) : Click here

Vincent VERMIGNON (English Audio) : Click here

Chicanos Blickawye (Kreyol and French Audio): Click here 

Jean Michel ROTIN (French & English Audio): Click here

Looking forward seeing you at the Odeon Greenwich from 10.00pm



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