4 questions to Ralph Richer, Zil’oKA’s Project Manager


Ahead of our Christmas Party/Chanté Nwèl on the 14th of December, we spent a bit of time with Zil’oKA’s member/musician but also Project Manager Ralph. Good occasion for us to ask him about the Chanté Nwèl preparation…

Zil’oKA: Hi Ralph, can you quickly introduce yourself?
Ralph: My name is Ralph Richer, I am from Le Vauclin in Martinique. Before I moved to the UK in 2000, I studied 3 years in Guadeloupe and that’s where I first discovered Gwoka. That’s about it, really.

Zil’oKA: Can you tell us why joined Ziloka?
Ralph: Since I arrived in the UK, I was always looking for opportunities to drum. I frequently played along side DJs in Clubs, Bars and private parties but mainly on House music. I joined Zil’oka in 2010 because It made a lot more sense to me. Being with Zil’oka gives me a chance to share with the world my love for my roots and my passion for Carribean traditional music and dance.

Zil’oKA: How are the Chanté Nwèl preparation going?
Ralph: Great! It is shaping up to be our best Chanté Nwel to date. People have already started booking their tickets for the Gwoka dance workshop. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share the patés, cakes and pain au beurre chocolat with everyone!

Zil’oKA: Tell us why we should attend the Chanté Nwèl?
Ralph: To me Ziloka is a big family! When we host an event we do it the Caribbean way, meaning a warm welcome, plenty of food and rum to go around, engaging activities including dance workshop, domino games and story telling for the young ones and last but not least mesmerizing songs and rhythms which I guarantee will keep you swinging days after the event!

For more information about the Christmas Party, click here


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