“Black” at the Images of Black women Film Festival

Yes, it is that time of the year again! The Images of Black Women Film Festival is on and we at Zil’oka are very excited about it!The Images of Black Women film festival (IBW) has been running for 9 years, putting black women of the film industry on the map.

Zil’oka’s “coup de coeur” for this year’s festival is the movie “Black” by Pierre Laffargue with Carole Karemera in the lead role. Have a quick look:

Why do we like “Black”?:
– It is hilarious! The genre is pretty much 70’s blaxploitation with a modern twist.
– the actors are very easy on the eyes (rrrr)
– It addresses the issue of identity and Diaspora.

Indeed, beyond the action, the laughter, the quiproquos, “Black” is about being connected to ones’ roots, wherever life leads and this is exactly what Zil’oka is about. For our SE people, Black is showing on May 9th at the Peckham Multiplex. Make sure you get your ticket in advance. More information is available here

Let’s support our movies, our actors and our entrepreneurs! The IBW Festival starts on Friday the 3rd of May. Let’s go en masse


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