Zil’oka is recruiting !!

Zil’oKA is looking for musicians to play the boula drum, the chacha and other light percussions.

About the Boula drum:

Gwoka is much more than just a dance and every single element of the circle, music+voice+dance is essential. The Boula drum is responsible for keeping the rhythm. In Gwoka, we have 7 main rhythms which carry 7 different emotions. Without the rhythm, the singer cannot sing and the dancer cannot dance.

Role description:

You will be in charge of playing the boula with our team of musicians.

you may be required to play the chacha and other light percussions.

You will have the opportunity to take part to the various Zil’oka performances.

Herve Despois, Zil'OKa drummer in action on the South Banks


To keep the circle going in London, we need committed people.

-Interest in Gwoka and French Caribbean culture Essential.

-Availability on Sundays Essential.

– must be 18 or have a parental authorisation.

-No experience needed. We just want dedication and a willingness to learn.

-We welcome men and women! We also welcome people from any ethnic background, Zil’oka only cares about your willingness to learn and play!

Have a look at a  Boula drummer,  involved in the song…really really involved ( ok you do not have to be so passionate, but  this is just to give you an idea)



You will be part of the only French Caribbean band of the UK.

You will meet amazing people.

You’ll have the opportunity to travel.

Gwoka is a fantastic way to stay fit.

Your creativity is welcome.

We have a lot of fun.

You can bring your children in rehearsal (they can play too!)

We have great costumes!


This is not a paid position, Zil’oka is a non for profit organisation. if you are interested, send us an email on


Come, join the circle!



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