Zil’oKA events for November-December 2012 in London!

Hey Beautiful people!
We have been all over the place lately and we did not even tell you about it (boooo). Never fear! The situation is being addressed! Here is a list of events that we have planned for this week, next week and the week after.

This Saturday 24th of November, Oval Farmers market.
Join on us on Yummy Saturday. We will be supporting the guys of Bokit’la at Oval Farmers market from 12 to 3pm. Come, have a bite and dance it off!

Friday 30th November. Jazz concert for Haiti.
This is a fundraising concert to support the Haitian population through the recovery process after hurricane Sandy. Join us at the Notting Hill community church. Kensington Park Road, London W11 2ES. The time is 7.30 – 9.30 PM. Come and do the right thing and have fun on top of it.
Early birds tickets are just £5 – Please call 07973210766 to book your place!
On the door it’s £8 for adults and £2 for kids!
Alternatively you check their website for more information http://www.nhcc.org.uk/category/news/

-Saturday 8th December. BsB and we are putting together the 2012 Traditional Caribbean Christmas get together.
Where we are from, we call it Chante Nwel! There is going to be food, there is going to be drinks, there is going to be drumming, and singing and it is going to be GRAND! Why am I being so dramatic? Because from:

4h-5h Children activities/percussion workshop.
5h-5h30 Secret Santa for children*
5h30-6pm BREAK
6h00-7pm Gwoka dance Workshop
7h-9h00 Chante Nwel
9h-9h15 Raffle
9.15pm – midnight: Party

*Parents are advised to bring a small gift to contribute to the secret santa so each child can leave with something.

Make sure you to keep up with us!
Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ziloka
Follow us on twitter: @ziloka_tanbou
Subscribe on youtube: zilokatanbou

See you soon!


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