Ziloka & Kilti Ka Cultural afternoon: Conference debate with Felix Cotellon

Ziloka & Kilti Ka are very pleased to invite you to this special get together. Indeed, in addition to our usual musical and danse sharing, we have the honour to have in our midst Mr. Felix Cotellon, founder of the annual “Gwoka Festival” in Guadeloupe and cultural activist. He is curently agitating to inscribe Gwoka on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for the year 2012.

So, come and join us for our usual ” yonn a lot” food sharing luncheon from 12 pm. Please note that although we can bring our own food, the beverages will have to be purchased at the bar.

At 14:30, Mr. Cotellon is going to give a short lecture on Gwoka and its significance in the Caribbean cultural inheritance. This will be followed by a Q and A/debate around Gwoka, the relevance/influence of our cultural background in a city such as London, or whatever we would like to discuss ( this is Ziloka, the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and always positive).

At 16:30, we will be a drum/dance jam session.

Books in Creole will be available on the day, thanks to our partner Gwosiwo Press.

Admittance FREE. Nevertheless, you can support the event by making a love donation.

We hope to see you all.

Saturday 29th of October 12-7pm
The Royal Star Pub
220 City road
EC1V2PN London

Credit Picture Carib Creole News


6 Responses to “Ziloka & Kilti Ka Cultural afternoon: Conference debate with Felix Cotellon”

  1. Attention! il y a des gesn du gwoka qui contestent cette inscription. Voir sur facebook KOLEKTIF POU GWOKA. Ils seront sur Radyo Tanbou demain samedi à 10h!

  2. Bonjour Marie-Line, pourquoi contest-t-il cette inscription?

  3. Le Maloya inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco en 2009.
    Ka yo ka di:

  4. Le Maloya inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco en 2009.
    Ka yo ka di:

  5. Sé Gwoka-la pa an danjé, i poko é disparèt pé ke jan pran-y.
    Mèsi pou zòt tout vayan jouwa ki ka fè-y kenbé kè.
    Sa an té ké vlé sé sèn awtiskik-lasa èspòwté-y tou patou – pou mwen a Lond vin vwè bann Gwoka. Lèwvwè an té vwè Konquèt a South Bank tini on pil lanné. Sa té wo, fò fò fò menm. An ki tan ankò ? Sé nou pouf è travay. Annou!
    Sa té byen on moun ka bay onnò kouté pou nou tan.

  6. could i bring my djembe to participate in the drumming session?

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