Zil’OKa’s beautiful comeback at Pride of Motherland (NSA)

Zil’OKa made a beautiful comeback at the Pride of Motherland event organized by the NSA (Nigerian Student Association) in Greenwich on the 12th of March.
They performed a short set of Padjembel and Gwo Siwo. The choreography was originally created as a tribute to the people of Haiti who went through much hardship following the earthquake that shook the island recently. This show came the day after Japan endured a similar fate and the earthquake inspired routine was also a tribute to the Japanese victims. Nevertheless, it was a warm and happy performance, which was given a great reception by the public evidently not accustomed to our rhythms and appearance. But drums speak to every hearts and our Nigerian cousins in the audience felt the vibe just as strongly as if they had been raised to the sound of the Ka. (A few testimonies from the crowd: ” It was such a great experience watching the group perform. The music was so upbeat and the colours were so vibrant, it created a fantastic atmosphere. I would definitively watch them perform again!”; “I was there, it was great! You did well girls!”). The Master of Ceremony treated us to a little dance solo after the madras clad dancers had left the stage and I am sure that many other spectators would have done the same given the chance.

Zil’OKa performed its magic once again and if you have missed it, don’t worry! We aim to perform again really soon on stage near you.

Article written by Jessy Saint-Prix, Photo taken by Junior Mullings


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